Memoir of a psychic dreamer


Sleeping with Spirit is based on my own real life experiences. Beginning in childhood with connections to dead family members.  

As an adult during a spiritual awakening, I discovered I was having dreams that were coming true, and I was instructed to write them down. 


I launched into a mission to capture as much as I could, partly in hopes of finding some proof for my unbelieving husband.  


Keeping dream journals persistently for over 8 years resulted in 14 journals. They sat in boxes for years until recently a visiting friend started a chain of events that led me to unpack them.  After a thorough and exhausting review, some dramatic revelations were made, including the fact that I dreamed about the visiting friend 17 years before we met! 

We are more than just bodies. Our consciousness is focused on the physical plane while we are awake. When we are sleeping, it is focused on the non-physical plane where it can engage in an unlimited range of activities.  I am sharing my life story and relevant experiences with spirit and consciousness, with a collection of precognitive dreams that are living proof of the soul or energy body, and the magic we are capable of even in our sleep. 

Join me on my journey, and begin your own adventure with spirit and consciousness to experience it for yourself. 






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