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Author Kim Treffinger has been an artist for most of her life. She appeared on HGTV's Crafters Coast to Coast with her art, and has been a working photographer for 18 years.  


Her book Sleeping With Spirit is the culmination of a lifetime of connection with spirit and a spiritual awakening in her 30s that put her on a mission to prove to her then atheist/scientist husband that there was more to reality than he believed.  


Kim diligently recorded her dreams and life events since she was a child and had dozens of journals with many gems waiting to be discovered.  


After a major life event, the books were packed in boxes for many years until a new friend came to stay at the house and triggered a chain of events that caused her to unpack the book boxes, and discover more dreams that had come true, including a dream about her new friend that was written 17 years before, and events from the dream unfolded in front of them both. 


Some unusual experiences began to happen again, and it was clear it was time to write the book.

In 2016 after reaching out to Arianna Huffington who was on tour with her book Sleep Revolution, she was invited to join the blogging community on The Huffington Post. 

In 2018 Kim finally reached out to the larger dream working community and invited several top level dream authors to speak on her podcast on Youtube.  


Her first radio interview was with Beyond Reality Radio. 


She lives in San Diego, CA. 


Join the conversation on facebook and the blog, sign up for updates on the book, and other projects in the works.  

Subscribe to her Youtube Channel at the link below. 


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