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A personal memoir of one woman's childhood experiences with spirit, and a spiritual awakening in her 30s which led her to begin keeping dream journals. She quickly discovered they were coming true.  After 8 years and 14 journals, the books ended up in boxes for many years.  

A new friend was staying with her, and a string of events triggered unpacking the journals to discover among other things she had dreamed of this new friend 17 years earlier! Events quickly transpired for she and her friend to witness part of the dream happening right before their eyes. 


Many other experiences are included in this fascinating story that will leave you spellbound and looking to start your own journaling.  


A guide for beginners to introduce the wide variety of experiences one can encounter in the dream world.  


How to become a conscious dreamer, request information to help with your life


Meet guides


Receive messages from crossed over loved ones


All artwork created by Kim Treffinger


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