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Psychic Dream Journey Episode 1 - Kim Treffinger

Introductory Podcast. Kim shares some background and goals for the podcast, and shares a dream experience of the Red VW Beetle. 

Psychic Dream Journey Episode #2 - Kim Treffinger and Corinn Giuntoli

Show Notes:

5:18 Dreaming for others begins

10:04 Setting Boundaries

11:50 Soulmate Shaman

13:00 Client dream for massage therapist

18:47 Corinn's process to prepare for working dreams

22:45 When the dreams come

24:20 Dream Circle

26:25 Group Dream topics

28:45 How Corinn used dreams to meet her man

Corinn's website:

Episode #5: Guest author, Naturopathic Doctor and Psychotherapist Dr. Christopher Sowton. Dr. Sowton discusses his book Dreamworking, and the benefits of working with your dreams. He helps Kim see how to analyze a couple of her own dreams with common themes. That gorilla might not be as scary as you think. Visit his website for more information:

Episode #3: Guest dream expert and author (Dr. Dream) Kelly Sullivan Walden discusses tandem and psychic dreams, how to benefit from taking control of your nightmares and dream symbols.

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