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Upcoming book Sleeping with Spirit

The book is well underway. I have finally, completed culling the dreams and experiences from my 14 journal books and put them into their own binder. It has been an interesting process to say the least. At times it has actually been quite painful to relive difficult times from the past, and I have had to put it aside and go do something else until I regain my composure and courage to keep looking through the dreams.

One of the most interesting things that has come to light in this process, has been experiencing frustration over the many many dreams that seemingly did NOT come true, and appear to be nothing more than gobbledy gook. While most of them are likely just that, many of them were also perceived that way until the time passed where the dream did in fact happen after all.

So there is renewed respect for even the dreams that appear on the surface to not be precognitive. I have also come to see that some of them can be an alternate reality, or even past life experience in a few cases. While generally I was not aware of experiencing too many of those which might be considered a past life dream, there were a handful that definitely qualify.

Some of the experiences that will be touched on include messages from dead relatives, instructions from an ascended master, possibly even from God. Disembodied voices giving a message about the safety of a friend, and the range of types of precognitive dreams, and lucid dreams. Additionally there are quite a few times I experienced a mysterious vision in the middle of the night.

The book will touch on things that the readers can do to invite their own awakening, experience precognitive dreams and meet their own guides if they wish.

It is my hope that the book reaches people who are beginning their own spiritual discovery, and this may help them to not feel alone or like they are going crazy.

There is more to reality than what we have been taught.

Additionally, I am creating a Dream Journey card deck with my own art that will be a great introduction to dream work, and have beautiful images.


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