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A partial Psi dream!

It had been awhile since I was aware of having a psychic dream, and I had actually been internally feeling some disappointment., And then two days ago I had this dream:

I dreamed I had taken my Yorkshire Terrier Coco to the vet for some procedure. She was staying overnight. When I went to pick her up in the morning, the vet tech came out and told me she was gone! Then she pointed out to me that I had checked a box on the release form indicating anyone could take her instead, and someone had done just that! I was appalled and had no memory of "checking a box" to allow other people to take her. I felt great sadness for her being gone. (My Coco passed away at the age of 12 in 2011), and I have not dreamed of her in years.

A couple of hours later while checking my email, I discovered a message from Home Again Pet Finders with an alert for a missing pet in my area... A Yorkshire Terrier named Coco. If only my dream had told me where to find this lost Coco, so I could help his family get him back.

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