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Questions about dreams

How would you feel if you realized a dream came true?

How far in the future did the event take place?

Were there any timeline symbols?

Was the information literal or symbolic?

What actions did you take if any?

Did you share the dream with others before the event occurred?

These are some of the many questions we might ask when looking at precognitive dreams.

Keeping a dream journal, whether a paper or digital or voice recording allows you to review your dreams and find many types of value aside from precognition.

- You may ask a dream to give you helpful information about a situation or relationship in your life

- You may ask for healing in dreams- mental or physical

- You may connect with your higher self, guides, teachers in the dream realm and bring some nuggets of wisdom back for your earthly life.

-You may experience past and future life existences. Which can help with understanding about relationships in this lifetime.

- If you work with your dreams over time you will recognize that our consciousness is not dependent on the body. Our dream experience is similar to the afterlife, and it may we be the same.

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